Natural Treatment for Gastritis with Remedies and Food!

Gastritis attacks a large part of the world’s adult population; However, it is a health problem that reaches younger people every day and it is all due to high levels of stress, pressure, poor diet, or stomach infections. Gastritis in simple words, is the inflammation of the gastric mucosa that represents irritation or small internal hemorrhages, which are very annoying for the person who has it chronically or for short periods of time. Before continuing, remember to follow your doctor’s instructions regarding this condition, as gastritis can be complicated. If in addition to this, you follow our advice, I am sure you will recover in a short time.

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Home Remedies for Gastritis:

There are some remedies for gastritis that help reduce your symptoms and discomfort.  In this space we will give you a few tips that will surely be very useful.

  1. Flavored gelatin or grenetina: you buy it at any pastry shop and dissolve it in warm water, take small portions on an empty stomach and before bedtime. The grenetina covers the intestinal walls, it will be very helpful.
  2. The natural yogurt restores intestinal flora, taken at breakfast and dinner will also help you control your symptoms, especially if you were taking antibiotics because of a stomach infection. It turns out that antibiotics eliminate bacteria, but also benign intestinal flora; therefore, natural yogurt, and especially yogurt with probiotics, help restore the flora and balance in your stomach.
  3. Live Lactobacilli are the best you can take. Since these are friendly bacteria that strengthen digestive function. So do not hesitate to take them.
  4. Aloe or aloe juice. A powerful ally of the intestinal walls, it has healing properties that will help heal the small wounds caused in your stomach by gastritis. It is advisable to have a papaya juice for breakfast accompanied by aloe; Some people prefer aloe vera in fruit salad, it is a good option.
  5. Believe it or not, lemon juice dissolved in warm water will also help you; since when the stomach detects acidity from the outside, it will stop producing the gastric juices that damage the intestinal flora. In addition, the lemon will help heal the ulcers. Use it sparingly once a day.
  6. Breakfast oatmeal is an excellent food that will make you feel satisfied, and will relieve that burning sensation. If you get tired of taking it every day, look at the apple or chocolate flavored oatmeal supermarket.
  7. Surely before lunch some discomfort will appear, so always carry some soda or vanilla cookies with you to calm hunger and those pains that will appear whenever your stomach is empty.
  8. If discomfort usually appears during the night on a daily basis, take some soda and chamomile cookies with you to bed at dawn, this will help calm the pain.

Always have anti acids on hand, but you should not consume them in an exaggerated way, they help to soothe the pain, but reduce your stomach defenses against new infections.

What Foods to Eat if I Have Gastritis?

It is important that you eat foods that do not have too many flavorings, and never spicy condiments, so you can forget about chili pepper for a good time, and start a healthy diet with foods that do not irritate your stomach:

  • For breakfast, you can consume oatmeal, or papaya juice with aloe. If you get tired of the same breakfast, you will love a fruit dungeon.
  • By midmorning, some vanilla crackers are ideal.
  • For lunch, grilled chicken with rice is an option that your stomach will appreciate. On other days you can try  steamed fish with vegetables.
  • In the afternoon, hot chamomile (anti-inflammatory), or oregano tea with some bread and jam.
  • And finally, at dinner, you can prepare chicken broth and noodles,  and if you wish you can add potato or cassava to be satisfied.

The most important thing about this diet, is that you should always consume food at the same times every day, and be very strict with food, because it is enough that you consume heavy foods one day so that all the effort goes overboard, appear again and intensely those pains in the pit of my stomach.

Foods to Avoid If You Have Gastritis:

There is a long list of you should not consume, but we tell you the most common ones, and those that will surely tempt you to break the diet you should follow:

  • Condiments, especially chili. If you need some flavor in your meals, you can add oregano.
  • Foods high in fat; This includes pizza, hamburgers, and fried chicken. Believe me you can ignore this advice, but the pain will come and intensely.
  • And of course, cigars, coffee, soda, and acidic foods.

We hope that these tips have been helpful to you, if the discomfort persists consult your doctor, because gastritis is not something simple like the flu, you   have to take it very seriously, and never self-medicate,  because if the inflammation gets worse ulcers may appear The only thing they will do is increase the pain.


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