What are the Methods to End Constipation, Gas and Inflamed Belly?

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A balanced diet, rich in fruits and vegetables is essential for our intestine to function well. Also, it is important to drink plenty of water to soften the stool and facilitate its expulsion. Many people want to end constipation, the painful gas and the discomfort of always having a swollen belly. Eating habits, as well as some problems, can be the causes of all this. However, a change in diet may be the solution. According to some studies, constipation is a fairly common gastrointestinal problem that affects approximately 20% of the population. Due to deficient fiber consumption or being too sedentary people, constipation can make an appearance. Also, we must also bear in mind that not maintaining a meal schedule or committing excesses on certain dates can cause inflammation and gas. This is very painful and it is of little use to take medicines that will only solve the problem momentarily, but not what is causing it. Therefore, it is important to always keep a check on our diet and introduce certain products in our diet that will help us to end constipation, as well as gases and inflammation.

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In case these problems are due to a disease, such as irritable bowel syndrome, it is better that we follow the advice of our doctor.

Diet to End Constipation

Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits are very good for digestion since they are very rich in fiber and also provide a large amount of water. Always keep in mind that we must observe the fruits that are good for our organism and which do not. Also, we should not abuse a single variety of fruit. We must always consume different fruits during the day, taking into accounts the fruits that are in harvest season and of course the ones that we like the most. In this way we can maintain a correct digestion.

The Salads

Salads that can be combined with some fruits such as pineapple and papaya are really healthy and favor good digestion.

This type of light food without fat is ideal for dinner because it is the closest food at bedtime.

This will allow us to have a good digestion since we will not have a very full stomach and we will be able to enjoy a better sleep.


The bean sprouts, beans, lentils, among others, are very healthy and full of vitamins and minerals. They can be consumed in salads and soups which is best for Intestine diet. In the latter they should be added when the soup is already lowered from the fire and not allowing them to boil.


This is a soybean paste fermented with sea ​​salt that is prepared by diluting the miso in hot liquid. Do not boil. To prepare a cup of soup you must add a teaspoon to a cup of water. The miso must be pasteurized to help us end constipation.

Sauerkraut or Fermented Cabbage

This food is ideal to accompany the barbecues where meat and fish are used, in roasts or meat stews. They provide a good amount of dietary fiber and it is more digestive due to its fermentation process. This cabbage is ideal in salads because it provides a pleasant acid taste. Consuming it in foods such as barbecues will help speed up digestion so that we do not feel so bloated after eating.

Molasses to Sweeten

These cereal honeys such as rice, corn or barley are made from whole grains by fermentation. The fermentation process carried out on a food improves its nutritional value and facilitates its digestion process, since microorganisms such as yeasts and molds transform complex compounds such as carbohydrates into sugars that are easier to assimilate. Anyway, the molasses is quite concentrated in fast sugars. For that reason, they should not be consumed by people suffering from diabetes. As we have seen, if we take care of our diet and introduce certain foods into our diet we can end constipation effectively.

In addition, we will feel much better since the gas and abdominal swelling will disappear. We encourage you to try these foods and to begin to be more present in your daily meals. Your gastrointestinal health will thank you.



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