Know the Latest Techniques to Burn Abdominal Fat!

In this month of November, the results of new research were published, stating that people who accumulate abdominal fat have a higher risk of premature death, even if they are not overweight, that is why today we will comment on how to burn abdominal fat.

Why Should Abdominal Fat be Burned?

In the aforementioned studies it is considered that abdominal fat is a bad fat and is associated with high cholesterol, inflammation, heart diseases, cerebrovascular accidents and also diabetes. If you are a man and your abdomen measures more than 40 inches and 34 for women you can be considered at risk, even if your weight is normal. In this case, it is not overweight that causes concern; it is the dimensions of your abdomen. The studies that supported these claims were developed by the Mayo Clinic and the data of more than 15,000 people were analyzed for more than 14 years. In the study it was observed that men who had a normal weight with accumulation of abdominal fat doubled the risk of death during the period studied. In the case of women, the risk also increased.

How to Burn Abdominal Fat?

 To burn abdominal fat there are four things you cannot stop doing and it will be the sum of all those that allow you to reduce or eliminate that undesirable fat that accumulates to make us suffer.


To burn belly fat the healthy, balanced, diet rich in fresh foods and respecting the calories you eat are not greater than those you use for your daily activities.

“The fruits are essential in a diet to burn belly fat and primarily those that have a low glycemic index such as apple, citrus and cherries”.

Eat foods rich in fibers that have a high satiating power, whole grains, and fresh vegetables. Next to them are foods rich in Omega3 fatty acids, nuts, seeds and nuts. Avoid the consumption of sugars, foods with refined wheat flour, processed foods and high in fat, including whole milk products. There are specific exercises that together with the rest of the measures will help you strengthen the abdominal muscles

2. Movement and Exercises

Avoid sedentary lifestyle is a very effective way to burn abdominal fat. If your work requires sitting for long periods, get up, walk, and move at intervals of one hour. Take advantage of all the stairs to activate circulation and consume calories. Do physical activities that involve burning calories, at least three times a week will not only help you burn abdominal fat also improve your health. There are specific exercises that together with the rest of the measures will help you strengthen the abdominal muscles.

3. Hydrated Always

The consumption of between 2 and 3 liters of water during the day is essential for the elimination of toxic waste from the organism, for cellular hydration and for each organ to adequately perform its functions. Ingesting green tea, up to three cups of coffee a day, infusions of cinnamon, ginger and others are beneficial as a complement to the strategy to burn abdominal fat. The warm water with lemon in fasting as well as detoxifying vegetable juices is a good alternative and a way to ingest water. The natural pomegranate juice without added sugar is ideal because it has numerous beneficial effects.

4. Appropriate Habits of Life

Respect the hours of food intake, always have breakfast and make 5 meals a day, with 3 servings of vegetables and two of fruits is a contribution to the elimination of abdominal fat and your health. Along with the above avoid stress maintained, and sleeps between 6 and 8 hours a day are habits that will influence the control of one of the hormones related to stress and abdominal fat: cortisol. The relaxation techniques that we have referred to in Rich Foods will help you release that accumulated tension and if you also practice regular physical activity you will benefit in the control of stress and sleep.

And also to Burn Abdominal Fat is Required…

Willpower, discipline, perseverance, does not despair and think that you will achieve it from one day to the next. Burn abdominal fat will not be an easy task but it is a wise decision and will result in a higher quality of life and a longer life expectancy.


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