7 Benefits of Honey on an Empty Stomach You Should Try!

The benefits of honey on an empty stomach? It can bring many health benefits. Before we get there, let’s do a quick review of honey as food. You have probably known a thing or two about the benefits of honey in the body of a human being. Honey has a long history of use and production. It has a special place in the food industry. Honey is used for baking, drinking and cooking. Honey can be consumed raw. In fact, it is better to consume raw honey. Processed honey is more likely to lose its natural nutrients. For every 100 grams of honey ingested, it provides calories from protein and carbohydrates. It also contains calcium, potassium and some vitamins. In addition to providing important nutrients to the table, honey is also known for its delicious sweetness. Honey gets its flavor from fructose and glucose. Because of this, honey is commonly used as a natural sweetener.

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7 Benefits of Honey on an Empty Stomach You Should Try:

Talking about honey means talking about the benefits it offers. Studies show that eating honey regularly can improve our overall well-being. Honey has been used for medical treatment for a long time, such as the treatment of wounds and cough. It also has its own benefits when taken on an empty stomach. Here are 7 amazing benefits of honey on an empty stomach.

1. Provide Energy:

Most people choose caffeinated drinks, especially coffee, to kick them in the morning. Apart from waking the nerves, coffee has no nutritional value.

“Honey will give the same effect when consumed on an empty stomach, along with nutritional values”.

Honey contains a lot of calories, which come mainly from carbohydrates. Calories are the primary source of our energy. The daily amount of calories that women need is 1,700 to 2,500 calories, while men need 2,000 to 3,000 calories. There are 64 calories in 21 grams or 1 tablespoon of honey. Although you are not a breakfast person, your body still needs the energy to carry out its activities for the rest of the day. Two tablespoons of honey can provide the initial energy your body needs. It is also practical and easy to prepare.

2. To Improve Digestion:

Eating honey on an empty stomach will help in digestion. It will wake up your colon and do its function. Goodbye, constipation. Better yet, the accumulation of toxins in your intestine will be removed when your digestion is working properly.

3. To improve the Immune System:

Honey contains antioxidants that can boost the immune system. On the other hand, a spoonful of honey not only kicks digestion. It also improves our immune system. It will work best when our colon is well cleaned. By improving the immune system, we will be less prone to diseases and infections.

4. To Rejuvenate the Skin:

Honey has been consumed orally and topically. An example of topical use: honey is applied all over the face like a natural mask. It can give the face a healthy shine effect. Honey is also widely used in beauty products and for skin care. However, we can get the same benefit on the entire skin by consuming honey on an empty stomach regularly. Better yet, on an empty stomach. It will clean and rejuvenate our skin.

5. To Relieve Gases:

Sometimes you wake up with a gas-filled stomach. It could be for the food you ate last night. Or you are simply born with him, like me. Honey can help alleviate the gas problem. It will neutralize the gas and then relieve your stomach.

6. To Rehydrate:

Our body loses a lot of water while sleeping and most likely it is dehydrated. Honey contains a lot of water. Eating honey first thing in the morning will rehydrate our thirsty body. In addition, it is also tasty.

7. To Handle Bad Breath:

How is your morning breath? I’m sure nobody wakes up without bad breath. You even brushed your teeth and flossed the night before. Our mouth dries during sleep. Dry mouth allows bacteria to grow. This results in a smell that even a newly married couple would shudder against their spouse in the morning after the wedding day. But do not worry. Honey has antibacterial agents that can handle your (or rather our) bad breath.

Honey Tips on an Empty Stomach:

Choose raw honey if possible. If the only honey available in your area is processed, choose a product with fewer other ingredients. Consuming honey on an empty stomach can produce a tingling effect at first. Mix the honey in warm water to avoid it. Keep in mind that the molecular structure of honey will be modified or destroyed if you use boiling hot water. Wait at least 30 minutes before proceeding to your heavy breakfast.


Eating honey on an empty stomach turns out to be quite impressive, since it provides a number of benefits for our well-being. A morning kicker? Checked. No more constipation and gas in the stomach? Checked. An immune booster? Checked. Bad breath terminator? Checked. Hydrated and luminous skin? Checked. Raw honey is the best option. Opt for it if possible. To avoid a tingling sensation in the stomach, you can drink honey in warm water at first. In general, honey is a complete package. It is a delicious and nutritious food that you can always count on. Starting the day with honey can affect the rest of the day in a positive way.


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