3 Mistakes you Make Whenever you are About to Start a Diet!

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There are some mistakes that you make whenever you are about to start a diet and, therefore, they do not allow you to obtain the results you are looking for. If we are going to start a diet, it is essential that we mentalize ourselves, go to a specialist to elaborate one adapted to our needs and combine it with exercise to obtain better results. It does not matter the type of diet; nor how strict you are. There are several things that you may be overlooking. Today we will discover 3 mistakes that you make whenever you are about to start a diet and that are a bad step that you just start. Some will surprise you. With others you will say I did not know! We are going to discover them to solve them from now on.

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Mistakes you Make Whenever you are About to Start a Diet

It would be very important that you write down all the mistakes that we are going to mention next. Because, sometimes, by inertia, we continue committing them without hardly realizing it.

1. Choose to Eat only Light Foods

The publicity that is carried out on light foods is very abundant. We sell these types of products as a healthy alternative. But is this true? When you start a diet opt ​​for this type of food may not be highly recommended. Many light products reduce their calories with respect to the normal product; however the percentage of fats and sugars is still quite important. Think of a light cola drink.  These types of products may not contain sugar, but sweeteners. If we are initiating a diet the smartest thing would be to opt for water. The best thing is to take products as natural as possible. Water, vegetables, fruits… For example, instead of opting for an orange juice in the bottle, even if it is natural, it is healthier to buy oranges and squeeze them.

2. Do not Indulge Yourself

It’s funny, right? Diet and caprice seem to be two completely antagonistic concepts, however the whims have their raison d’être. What happens when we restrict a type of food that we really want? In the end, we will not stop thinking about him and we may fall into the temptation to eat it uncontrollably. For example, if I like chocolate very much, not taking it can never be counterproductive. The positive would be to buy chocolate as pure as possible and take an ounce. If you need something sweet, allow yourself an ounce of chocolate black. Only one a day! You will give yourself a healthy whim. Also, at specific moments such as parties, birthdays or Christmas, moderate your whims.

“If you refuse to give yourself one, in the end you will fall into temptation and the diet may fail”.

Aranzazu Aparicio , from the Department of Nutrition of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Complutense University of Madrid, recommends diets and balanced and varied, but with small portions.

3. You Stay Hungry

The third of the mistakes you make whenever you are about to start a diet is to stay hungry. It’s terrible! A diet does not imply going hungry. This is a belief that we should eradicate from now on. The word diet implies health and health does not mean going hungry. It does not matter if you want to lose weight. Nutritionist Elaine Magee recommends eating more fiber, vegetables, more fruit, and natural products in appropriate portions. Entering a diet does not mean that you have to reduce your caloric intake to a minimum. If we go to a nutritionist, this will make us a weekly planning in which we have to consume a daily calories spread over 5 meals as much.

It is not About Reducing Meals or Food Intake.

The more meals we make, in appropriate portions and with healthy foods, this will allow us not to go hungry and achieve the goals we set for ourselves. Going to a nutritionist can solve many questions how are you.

Each Diet has to be Personalized

There is also a very common mistake, which is to follow those diets that we can find online or that a friend of ours is doing. We have to be very careful with this, because what works for other people does not have to work for us. The fact that there are qualified professionals in nutrition is for something. They will study our habits, our goals and also the time we have. Surely one of these mistakes that you make whenever you are about to start a diet has resonated with you, because you have taken them into practice without being conscious. If so far no diet has given you what you need, do not hesitate. A nutritionist can help you.

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