Why Diet Should Be A Lifestyle And Not An Effort Of Months

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Adopt a diet is not temporary, but healthy eating must become a lifestyle to make the change is real and extends over time. Adopting a diet is not a temporary solution, healthy eating must become a lifestyle choice to help you improve your life.

To understand why diet should be a lifestyle and not an effort of months, we just have to understand that, by avoiding bad eating habits, we will stay in shape and enjoy good health.

The World Health Organization (WHO) argues that unhealthy lifestyles are the direct cause of 1.6 million deaths worldwide each year.

In this sense, maintaining a healthy lifestyle should not be an option in our lives, but a duty. For this reason, we will show that to lose weight you need more than just the desire to do so.

Diet must be a lifestyle

Let’s find out together what are the reasons why diet should be a lifestyle and not just a matter of months.

The WHO ensures that a healthy life is one in which there is a balance between the physical, mental and social. This is not limited to follow a good diet or exercise constantly; In addition, we must take care of our mental and emotional state.

For this reason, it is necessary to work on the following aspects to achieve the welfare state. They will allow us to fully commit ourselves to our diet and health in general.

Keys to a healthy life

1.Balanced and balanced diet

Fulfilling a healthy diet does not mean depriving yourself of certain foods, but knowing how to consume them in its proper measure.

We must remember that all the foods that make up the nutritional pyramid must be part of our diet, some more than others.

  • A clear example of this is proteins and sugars: they should not constitute more than 10 and 5% of the diet, respectively.

2.Physical exercise

For a balanced diet to generate the results we want to see in our bodies, it is imperative that daily exercise is also part of our lifestyle. Diet and exercise go hand in hand.

It is not necessary to practice any sport or dedicate long hours to physical activity. Simply walking 30 minutes a day is enough to help your body burn the calories you consumed during the day.

  • The exercise will contribute to your physique and will also help you to feel relaxed, to improve your self-esteem and to sleep better.

3.Mental balance

The balance between emotional and mental well-being is essential to develop social skills, brain activity and optimism.

It is scientifically proven that those people who enjoy a good state of comfort reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue, among other symptoms of poor mental health.

Likewise, social activity is also fundamental for our well-being. All this is a chain that will help us turn our diets into a lifestyle. Some people opt to do yoga as a form of relaxation and many people have gone onto train to be yoga teachers enabling them to help others work on their mental balance. If this is something you would be intrested in you could look at this 500 hour yoga teacher training in india. There are many places in which you can train to teach and participate in yoga, many people have seen the benefits of this activity and recommend it to many in order to improve their overall mental well-being and health.


Each of the mentioned aspects is directly related to food. As we said, diet should be a lifestyle. This is because through food we obtain:

  • The necessary nutrients that give us the energy for daily activities.
  • Emotional and social stability.

One of the most common mistakes when starting a diet is to see it as a method to lose a certain amount of kilos, when in reality it should become a habit.

That is why it is very common for many people to give up when they do not get the results they want immediately. They do not assume this new responsibility as such, but they see it as a companion.

Diet tips

If you think that diet should be a lifestyle and not a simple effort of months, we recommend that you take the following recommendations.

1.Commit yourself!

Did you know? What healthy habits harm weight loss?

Either to lose weight, improve eating habits or stay healthy. Whatever the reason, it is imperative that you start your diet making a commitment to yourself.

Many people find it useful to make a contract to put in writing the commitment they just assumed. There you can capture the objectives. Among them can be:

  • Amount of weight you want or you should download.
  • The dates on which the objectives will be met
  • The old unhealthy habits that will be replaced by the good ones.
  • A plan to carry out physical activity on a frequent basis.

Also, it will help you to put in the writing the reasons why you decided to follow a balanced and balanced diet. In this way, you will have a daily reminder that will boost you in your goal.

2.Be realistic first of all

Try to set short-term goals and reward your efforts in the course of this process.

For example, if your long-term goal is to lose 20 kilos and control your high blood pressure, you can set food or exercise goals in the short term. These may include breakfast, walking thirty minutes in the afternoon or eating salads at dinner.

Remember that small changes in your daily routine will allow you to achieve great long-term results. In this way you will maintain the health of your body and you will feel better with yourself. If you have doubts, seek professional advice.

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