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First Blog Post

Welcome to the Beatbox Portal blog

This is the first post of the Beatbox Portal blog. The first day online. Forever in the internet (who knows, right?).

The vision of Beatbox Portal is to organize Beatboxing media interconnecting Beatboxers, videos, championships, countries.

I had heard it before, but it was only last week that I re-read Google’s mission statement number one: “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. Google is incredible, without Google we would have to use Bing to search the internet.

As much as Google helps the world by bringing results for a search, Beatbox Portal will deliver beatbox information with top quality.

In this post I’ll describe how the idea of Beatbox Portal came to reality.


I am one of a handful of people in my country who is a beatbox professional. And I am well proud of it. Having taken beatbox as a practice has changed my life – without it I wouldn’t have lived half the life I had.

For quite some time I’ve been wondering “How can I be of the biggest use to others”. I had studied psychology and business in college, all the while practicing beatbox on the side. The more I practiced, taught and did shows the more I came to realize that this was what it was all about.

First degree contact with beatbox

12 years ago, when I was 13, I met beatboxing. It was a wonder to me. I remember the first video I saw that shook my world.

I saw it through a website called Ebaum’s World. It was Effex, in Tampa. He was doing beatboxing in the middle of a stage setup for a band.

A normal looking dude, only at first. The way he made beats and interacted with the crowd was amazing.

A much bigger scene

Little did I know that in that first video I saw, Effex was making covers of Rahzel and Kenny Muhammad. I only came to know that sometime later when I found Human beatbox, a creation of A-Plus and Tyte.

Back in the day Tyte did one of the first beatbox video tutorials in the internet, and I’ve learned a lot from him.

Back to the present

For quite some time I’ve been thinking… Where the heck are the beatboxing sites?

I searched and searched and couldn’t find much. I am sure that beatbox deserves so much more. More attention, more respect, more recognition, more impact. Beatbox potentially will change how humans communicate. (more on that in another post)

So I began creating in my head what would grow to become Beatbox Portal. Week after week, month after month I had the idea so firm in my mind that it sprouted into being just like a plant.

Wiki? Encyclopedia? Aggregator?

Reviewing the first draft of this website was interesting. At first, I thought of categorizing the beatboxers, like “Loopers: Beardyman, MB14, Thorsen, Faya Braz” “Battlers: Alem, Skiller” “Historical: Doug E Fresh, Rahzel”, “Viral: Dad and daughter, poolpo, crowe”.

Each beatboxer would have their page, with their videos. I envisioned a video gallery, with all the videos, really, all of them available on YouTube (almost all videos are on YouTube). Each beatboxer would have a total video view count, total number of videos, toplists, most viewed beatboxer this month, etc.

Not all of the vision became reality, yet. Like a strong forest, the portal surely grows.

As of now, Beatbox Portal has over 2000 videos in the archives, but our goal is to have a system set up to gather and organize all beatbox videos found on YouTube.

About the Blog

This blog will bring you different types of content.

  • Site updates – Relative to new features implemented in the site, new media added, general technical and/or design updates of the portal, including beatboxer pages, country pages, championship pages, channels and videos added.
  • Beatbox general – general thoughts beatboxing-wise. From technique development, of singular sounds, going into meta learning, methods of training, learning, etc. Study of technique, of beatboxers, comparison. There’s a saying that goes like “You can’t be good at something you know nothing about” – so learn more, seek to improve in any way possible.
  • Art recommendations – Beatbox is an art-form. It is so just like so many others – dance, painting, cinema, sculptures, etc. We as beatboxers make use of technique to impress upon the listener a certain feeling, experience, thought, to provoke, to prove a point or not. Taking other art-forms as example, we expand our minds to the possibilities of art and what we can do ourselves.

If you want to deepen the conversation, join our newly released forum at

Til next time,


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