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Hello, and welcome to the Beatbox Portal!

Beatbox Portal provides the richest and most complete beatbox video archive, with all the artists and battles, for everyone who loves beatboxing, from the newbies to the pros.

We have in our database 2300 videos, 400 beatboxers and 70 championships. Still, there’s a lot of ground to cover.

Through the navigation menu above you can access the many areas of the Beatbox Portal. (Beatboxers, Championships, Countries, Channels.

With the search bar on the top-right you can do a live search for beatboxers and championships.


An alphabetical index of all the beatboxers in our database.

Each beatboxer’s page has:

  • A link to their country of origin;
  • A list of championships they’ve been on, with a link to the championship page and a link to display the videos of the beatboxer in the championship;
  • An incredible video gallery (see below).

Video Gallery

Every beatboxer and championship have on their page an amazing video gallery that displays videos from the beatboxer or championship.

    • You can see the results in gallery mode;

  • You can sort on date and view count;
  • Hovering with a mouse (or tapping, on a mobile device) over the thumbnail will show you the video title, view count and upload date;
  • Clicking the video will open up a box with the embedded video, links to the pages of the featured beatboxers. Link to the championship page and source. If you want to go to the YouTube video page, click on the video title or YouTube link inside the video.


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Every championship has a feature page. The event page lists the editions.

The championship edition page (e.g. Grand Beatbox Battle 2016) showcases the videos of the battle, separated in tabs by categories.


In the country page you can view:

  • The country’s championships;
  • Champions;
  • Finalists;
  • Musicians and virals;
  • Many more noteworthy beatboxers.



Without them, we would have nothing. Nowadays beatboxing media is concentrated heavily on YouTube. Channels from all around the world share videos and inspire beatboxers.



This is a website made by beatboxers for beatboxers. Visit the About page if you want to know more about my story and how it lead me to building this website for the beatboxing community.

Access the Blog to follow our updates. Technical, design and content-wise.



Enjoy your visit!

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